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Dubai: In Quest To Become A Knowledge-Based Economy No ratings yet.

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The Catalytic OilIt was the discovery of Oil in 1966 which provided impetus to the development of large-scale urban landscape in Dubai. Rulers in Dubai used the revenues from Oil for infrastructural development as they knew that they cannot build a flourishing economy on their limited oil reserves. So they opted for diversification and success of their decision can be measured by the fact that Oil now contributes less than 3% of Dubai's sprouting economy.Dubai: most Preferred Gateway to the Middle EastTo diversify, the leaders of the Emirate decided to leverage its strategic location, and they created world's largest man-made harbor Jebel Ali, which was completed in 1979. They followed it up by creating Jebel Ali Free Zone in 1985 and in following years Dubai stormed into the league of S...
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Shoppers in Dubai No ratings yet.

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Dubai justly deserves its title as the "Shopping Capital of the Middle East." Being an open port with low import duties and no taxation, the city offers the good deal value. The majority of main branded products are regularly offered, and the best part is they can be in expensive in Dubai than their originated countries.Shopping & Dubai is a worldwide phenomena and thus tourists from all around the globe plans a trip to Dubai if so, why not make sure they include the Dubai Shopping festival in their trip route. The celebrated Dubai Shopping Festival takes place, making a perfect match to a shopper's Dubai Holiday plans. The Shopping Festival is now entering into its thirteenth year, creating an variety of prizes, luxury shopping and stunning entertainment. Enthusiastic shoppers will ...
One of the latest initiatives by the Dubai government has been the setting up of…<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10521" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

One of the latest initiatives by the Dubai government has been the setting up of… No ratings yet.

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One of the latest initiatives by the Dubai government has been the setting up of offshore companies in Jebel Ali Free Zone. Setup your company here and get more opportunity to grow up your business. Source

Holidays to Dubai No ratings yet.

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Perhaps it is time to consider taking your holidays to Dubai, because if you have not already done so you have missed out on one of the best most varied experiences there is to be had!Don't just take my word for it either. Take a look around for yourself. Have you heard of Dubai's famous indoor ski slope? When you try to imagine it do you think of something like a slope in the middle of the mall covered with fake synthetic snow? A ride fit, at best, for kids? Well, you are as horribly wrong, as I was! I stood with my mouth agape when I finally saw it first hand. We are talking a proper ski slope with real ice and snow blowers that blow proper (although man made) snow onto the slopes. A full size ski lift to take you up to the top of the slopes, tobogganing and ski hire. We are talking a ...

Dubai Automobiles Industry Is Making Its Name Across the World With New Cars for Export in Dubai No ratings yet.

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Germany and UAE trade relations are going finer and tuner day by day. Since the business of oil industry in Middle Eastern Countries especially Saudi Arabia have come to be glad about making the most of the "Made in Germany" label on their hardware products, Germans have realized that industry for new cars for export in Dubai and other parts of UAE has the great potential. According to the manager of Exhibition of Dubai Automobiles Michael Dehn, for new cars in Dubai, Germany is interested to offer in sourcing components. The UAE has been identified as a possible spot for manufacturing cars and in Dubai automobiles industry may flourish in this regard further. UAE may be the next big potential location as identified by the Germans for the manufacturing of automotive comp...

Dubai Hotels – 5 Awesome Places to Stay in Dubai No ratings yet.

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Dubai is one of the most exciting tourist destinations on the planet, an intoxicating mix of old world charm and stupendous modernity. Right alongside the centuries old open markets exist modern malls that are the size of several city blocks. If you want to spend some great time this new year in an exciting location, Dubai is a great choice. Of course, you would want a place to stay once you do land here. Dubai is known for its hotels. This city-state has some of the boldest, tallest, most beautiful hotels you have ever seen. Of course, these hotels are tremendously expensive, but you can find some cheap hotels in the inner city too. But if you have a high budget, or just want to catch some spectacular sights, check out these Dubai hotels: 1. Park Hyatt Dubai This hotel is ...

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Business travelers tend to stay on Sheikh Zayed Road, but these hotels also have extensive services for visitors who are on holiday, and they lie just minutes away from Jumeirah Beach and the best sights of old Dubai. The old town consists of Deira and Bur Dubai. It's not as glitzy as Jumeirah Beach or Sheikh Zayed Road, but it has much more local flavor. The best hotels here overlook Dubai Creek, but they're also the most expensive in the area. For travelers seeking more medium accommodations, Deira and Bur Dubai offer the city's least expensive options. Be cautious when choosing other hotels in the area-some are used for prostitution and are simply not recommended. Just as the guests to Dubai's hotels seem to come from every corner of the globe, so too do the ...

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Dubai is one of the seven emirates and the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. It has spectacular beaches but is not Australia; it is one of the world's most secure destinations but is not Singapore; it has opulent city hotels and superb beach side resorts but is neither Jakarta nor Bali. It has world class shopping but is not Hong Kong. Yes! Its Dubai-city of merchants, cultural crossroads, second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates. And being there with your loved ones is definitely a great deal when you have so many websites to provide you with best and cheap air travel expenses. Gone are those days when people think twice before traveling in an air plane. Now ...

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Dubai is the 33rd richest city of the world in terms of it dwellers purchasing capacity. The Most important city of the seven emirates those form the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as it is the hub for worldwide economic activity of many global companies. The city situates south of the Persian Gulf on the large Arabian Peninsula. The Dubai town started from 1799 though its history is as old as 1095. The formal establishment of the city was in the early 19th century. Here you will get information about Dubai and employment in Dubai. Geographically it's in the middle of the continents connecting in naval route the Europe, Asia and Africa. Since 1966 the country got oil and gold that expanded the city to a huge extent. Today it's a high ranked global city for trade, science, e...