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Sightseeing in Dubai an Experience for Life

The world is growing with the speed of light. Everyone is in hurry, women, men, even children are too busy and in a hurry to complete the work, whether it is in the professional life or personal. One needs a break from such a busy routine, everyone needs a break every once in a while that's why we tend to go on holidays away from the hectic schedule, away from all the tension the hurry and the deadlines. So what will be a perfect vacation? What experience will rejuvenate our senses? This is a question that comes to every mind while planning a trip to anywhere. Some people like beaches some go for historical places some of us go for high end living some go for adventure, well there is one place where you can get all these things. The place is Dubai, basically a desert. Dubai has something for everyone, it has sandy beaches, grand hotels, casinos, adventure sports, basically a magical place where you can forget the stress and just relax. Dubai has excellent beaches so we get to choose our option of whether to seek accommodation in a sea facing hotel in Dubai or to be away from the beach. There are many 5 star hotels in Dubai which are exceeding the world standards of luxury and comfort. Booking a Dubai hotel is a very simple task we can just call in and the booking will be complete.

Now being a desert country the place basically has only one climate to offer and that is HOT and HUMID. Dubai has this type of weather all year long. The best period to visit this place is from November to April, not to forget Dubai being an Islamic country in UAE they celebrate Ramadan so it is considered rude to eat, smoke, or drink in the public during Ramadan from sunrise to sunset.

Places to visit
There are many 5 star hotels in Dubai and sea view hotels in Dubai but the crown jewel of this city is the mighty Burj Al Arab this seven star wonder receives more attraction from tourists than any other place. Shaped like a ship sail and is a delight to see. You can also visit the grand palm island just off the cost of The United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf. Jumeirah Beach is another place where one can go to enjoy the sea with sandy beaches and a view to kill for.

If you want to go away from all the ultra modern sites to someplace else, you can visit the Al Bastakiya historical district of the city which contains the popular Al Fahidi Fort. You can also visit the traditional market which has a lot of jewelry to offer, and authentic antiques for antique collectors. Last but not least, the Saeed Al Maktoum House which is the city museum and former palace home of the emirate ruler in 1894.

Booking a Dubai hotel is a must for the detoxification process as they offer the ambiance of massages and recreational activities. The sea view hotels in Dubai are the perfect place to enjoy the pacific gulf without the heat from the sun.

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