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Impact Of Information Technology On The City of Dubai

Dubai is one among the other seven Emirates city; it is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse blend of culture. It is a home to a large number of expatriate population. As the globally renowned companies have based themselves in Dubai, the city has become a perfect platform to launch as well as promote services. With a superior infrastructure and world-class business practices, Dubai is voted as one of the easiest cities to start a new business because of its growing IT services.

The drastic changes in the business sectors of Dubai have attracted many IT firms, and most of the successful IT Companies have chosen Dubai as its headquarters. The city targets on the growth of information and technology, and this led to the foundation of Dubai Silicon Oasis and Dubai Internet City. Dubai has emerged as a regional hub for IT. It is the perfect location and is easily approachable to world’s fastest growing IT industry. There are several opportunities available for Software Developing, Network Designing, Hardware Manufacturing, and Penetration testing in Dubai as well as for other service providers. These all are the elements of the IT industry. We will discuss more on this in the below sections.

Software development Market in Dubai

The software market is very large. It comprises of different areas such as – development, maintenance, publications using different models and deployments. The software industry expanded in the 20th century before this computer was either programmed by the customers by itself. Dubai is one of the fastest growing markets for software. Especially, huge demand has been seen in the ERP and CRM software. As the ERP, market modernization has contributed towards the various initiatives in increasing international competitiveness. From the year 2014 to 2015, the market faced a growth of 7 percent. The IT sector of UAE is forecasted to reach USD 5 billion in the year 2015.

Network Security Services Dubai

Network Security services is a platform that provides a security-enabled client that serves to secure software. The software security threats are transforming the way we do our businesses. In order to make business more efficient and cost effective, it is important to save the business software from Cyber threats. As the demand of software is increasing, simultaneously the demand of network security threats is also leading. As a result, professional and qualified service operates are required to safeguard business from threats in the Dubai IT sector.

Penetration Testing Market Dubai

A software attack on a computer system that is aimed to look for vulnerabilities or security weaknesses, in turn gaining access to the data on the computer is known as a penetration test or more widely known as pen test. Every day lots of communicational and commercial activities take place over the network, leading to the increase in cybercrime, targeting individuals, companies, and government. It was reported that the rate of cyber crime was increased by 88percent from the year 2013 to 2014. Therefore, it has become highly viable to the existence of penetration testing in Dubai. This has brought to the development of antivirus and cyber security services providers in the city.

The 21st century has seen an undeniable rise in the use of internet and keeping up with the trend, Dubai also offers you pretty much anything you need on the internet. Starting from small scale to the biggest business, Dubai has its share of all kinds of business. The IT sector though has had a huge boost over the past decade.

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