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Panama’s Offshore Corporate and Banking Sector – Where Next?<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10906" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

Panama’s Offshore Corporate and Banking Sector – Where Next? No ratings yet.

Offshore Articles
The Republic of Panama stands out in Latin America as a major offshore tax haven and financial hub. Offshore bank accounts, IBCs (Panama Corporations), Private Interest Foundations and other similar privacy tools make for a business-friendly environment. The recently installed Martinelli government has promised to continue development of Panama's liberal economy at least for the next five years.But self-made supermarket magnate Martinelli is also in favor of closer ties with the U.S.A., including a new free trade agreement which has American leftists fuming with indignation. And whether free marketeers can hold power after this five year term will depend on whether Martinelli can deliver on his promises.More and more Americans are seeking secure offshore homes for their assets. Contrary ...
What Services Are Available For Offshore Banking?<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10901" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

What Services Are Available For Offshore Banking? No ratings yet.

Offshore Articles
Similar to domestic banks, offshore banking centers also offer a wider array of services including personal and corporate checking and savings accounts. Offshore financial centers also offer debit and ATM cards which are accepted worldwide, credit cards, loans and mortgages. Some offshore banks also provide secure internet banking facilities which allow depositors to wire and transfer funds. Some banks also offer anonymous numbered accounts for extra confidentiality. Banks usually specialize between retail and private banking. Retail banks are more economical and offer standard services. Private banking services offer more personalized services and are more expensive than their retail counterparts. Advantages Privacy is the most sought-after advantage of offshore banking. T...
Offshore WordPress Development Services<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10896" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

Offshore WordPress Development Services No ratings yet.

Offshore Articles
WordPress has become the favorite content management systems in the world. There are thousands of blogs and websites, which use WordPress. These include company blogs, personal blogs and websites. WordPress developers are using this cutting edge technology to provide robust and pragmatic solutions to businesses. Multinationals like Yahoo, CNN and Wall Street Journal use WordPress development to manage their blogs.This is an ideal platform for development and customization of websites. Although popular with bloggers, WordPress CMS can be conveniently used for all kinds of web portal development. It is extensively used for design works, integration, module installation and existing modificationIn the last decade number of offshore development centers have emerged which are providing cost e...
How To Find Effective Offshore Banking With Good Security<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10891" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

How To Find Effective Offshore Banking With Good Security No ratings yet.

Offshore Articles
You can find internet sites offering to help you get a private offshore account, but choose carefully; some have established 'real-world' businesses behind them, and some are no more than a few web pages and a couple of guys in a back room.Private offshore accounts are usually for high-net-worth individuals; you should have at least $100,000 to deposit. Then you will be welcomed with open arms, after the necessary due-diligence has been carried out.Due diligence means the responsibility to check that an entity is who they claim to be, and that they have no criminal associations.You will have to provide a notarised copy of your passport, one or two bankers references, and a copy of a utility bill from your current address.Simplicity of operation may be even more important than lower taxes...
International Law Firm – Services and Facilities<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10886" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

International Law Firm – Services and Facilities No ratings yet.

Offshore Articles
The international law firms are becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, the legal service sector has undergone significant developments in most the offshore jurisdictions due to the creation of the international law firms. These types of law firms offer numerous services and facilities. These include: Asset Protection: The international law firms help the offshore companies as well as individual to protect their assets from legal enemies. Almost all these firms have their offices in different locations for the convenience of their clients all over the world. These firms also ensure confidentiality of the information that you share and offer personalized solutions so as to meet your specific needs. Moreover, these international law firms help you to protect your a...
Buying Property In Dubai: You Can Do It Confidentially<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10881" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

Buying Property In Dubai: You Can Do It Confidentially No ratings yet.

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If you want to buy property in Dubai, you may want to keep a few important things in mind. Since 2002, Dubai has been experiencing a boom in the construction industry as foreigners are now allowed to own property in Dubai. If you want to keep your property ownership confidential, you can buy property through Jebel Ali offshore company. Let us find out how it can be done. Buying property in Dubai and Getting it registered First off, you should deal with only reputable developers and agents registered with RERA, which is a Real Estate Regulatory Agency. In Dubai, you can get the registration done through DLP or any of the offices of registration trustee. Land department rules One of the functions of the Dubai Land Department is to offer registration and ownership of property...
Business Solutions For the 21st Century Include Effective Use of Offshore Banking<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10871" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

Business Solutions For the 21st Century Include Effective Use of Offshore Banking No ratings yet.

Offshore Articles
In 1970 the sociologist, Alvin Toffler, published a very insightful book, "Future Shock." Mr. Toffler predicted that changes occur in science and technology, popular culture, industry, business, and all other facets of human life. He stated that this is what has happened throughout human history. The problem that Mr. Toffler foresaw is that change is happening faster and faster. Forty years after Mr. Toffler's book individuals are still trying to learn how to deal with the every increasing rate of change in our lives. Business and investment practices will need to become more and more streamlined. Companies and individuals will need to use and transfer capital more and more effectively in coping with the ever increasing rate of change in the 21st Century. An in...
Offshore Companies Owned by a Trust<span class="rating-result after_title mr-filter rating-result-10866" >			<span class="no-rating-results-text">No ratings yet.</span>		</span>

Offshore Companies Owned by a Trust No ratings yet.

Offshore Articles
Offshore trusts are often used together with offshore companies for enhanced confidentiality. There are different types of trusts, however you would usually use a discretionary trust for this type of arrangement. With a discretionary trust the trustees are able to use their 'discretion' as to who benefits and by how much. Often such trusts are formed to guarantee privacy over your assets. You may not need to be a named beneficiary of this type of trust - or named in any other way. To make this work, the trustee and the settlor would usually all be residents of a country other than your own. The discretionary trust would then own the offshore company which itself would own various assets such as property. The offshore company can have a nominee director and secretary...

Aljawzaa Dubai Marina – Dubai Property Advice On The International City No ratings yet.

Offshore Articles
Aljawzaa is a union of conventional and contemporary structural design. It is located in the esteemed International City Phase 3, offers easy entrée to all the key attractions in Dubai. Aljawzaa pretty much demonstrates Dubai's cosmopolitan make-up. The whole city of Aljawzaa is quite a big complex spread across eight hundred hectares of prime real estate. As Aljawzaa offers a wide array of business opportunities and residential options, this is hardly a surprise that it attracts lot of international as well as local investors. According to a study, Aljawzaa will accommodate more than 60,000 residents in the coming years. In other words, Aljawzaa will play a prominent role in sustaining the region's booming tourism industry. Aljawzaa offers convenience and ease to bot